A Prescott Business Transaction

A Prescott Business Transaction

Are you wondering the types of people you’ll meet in Prescott, Arizona? Interested to know who your future neighbors might be? Here’s one inspiring article written by Max Efrain from the Daily Courier of a Prescott business owner passing on his legacy and business title to a Prescott friend.

“It only cost Lisa Dale $10 to buy her first business. Charlie Greenfield, previous owner of CJ Emporium and Barbershop, was looking to retire this last spring. Dale, his friend and employee for nine years, wanted to stay in the game; so he sold it to her for $11, $1 for every year he had owned it. “And then he gave me $1 back,” Dale said.

Greenfield, 73, first came out to the area to marry his 14-year-old girlfriend when he was 16-years-old. His wife has since passed.  “It was the first girl he kissed and the last girl he kissed,” Dale said. The business, which sits sandwiched between Nick’s Feed Your Face sub shop and Thaifoon in Park Plaza located off of Goodwin Street, had been in Greenfield’s care since 2004. “I turned it from being a good old boys place to a more modern beauty/barber shop,” Greenfield said. When his wife passed last year, he took it as a sign to move on and officially retired May 8, 2015, ending a 54-year career as a barber. He has since sold his home in Prescott and moved back to Nebraska where he has brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren.

To fill the empty barber’s chair, Dale hired on James Smith, a 50-year veteran of the trade who was working at a shop in Prescott Valley.  “Charlie told me to go find him [Smith] and hire him, and he came right over,” Dale said.  “Well, I told her I wanted to get back into town,” Smith said.

Despite his absence, the barbershop is still very much imbued with Greenfield’s presence. In fact, almost nothing has changed since his departure. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia still coat the walls; theatre seats acquired during the Elks Theater renovation still serve those waiting to get their hair cut; and a cartoonish painting of a barbershop quartet with Greenfield and Elvis in the center still graces the front window.  “The only thing we did was take down the product bar,” Dale said. “Charlie used to sell See’s Candies.”  As for why Elvis is plastered everywhere, Greenfield says he’s just always been a huge fan ever since he was 14-years-old and saw Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show. “I have all his CDs and all of his gospel,” Greenfield said. “Every day I listen to a little Elvis.”

Dale says she misses Greenfield, but she’s glad she gets to keep doing what she does. “I feel blessed,” Dale said. “Charlie would have just closed the doors, but instead he passed it on to me and hopefully I will be able to keep it going for many more years.”

Dale and Smith charge $17 for men’s and children’s haircuts and $20 for women’s.  They’re open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and only take walk-ins. They’re closed Sundays and Mondays.  They can be reached at 928-848-1429. Follow Max Efrein on Twitter @mefrein. Reach him at 928-445-3333 ext. 1105, or 928-642-7864.”

This is just one article that demonstrates the character and integrity of our Prescott business owners and creates a wonderful environment of growth and success.