Prescott’s Whiskey Off Road

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The best way to be rewarded with Prescott’s home town brewed delight is to participate in The Whiskey Off Road. And by participation I also mean cheering on those wild dogs on their bikes. This event lasts three days and is one of the many options to really see, feel, and smell the terrain that is Prescott, Arizona. Then once it’s over, you have the opportunity to indulge in Prescott’s many breweries to satisfy the needs of even the most unique palates.

In a matter of a day’s ride, you can see open fields with cattle, horses, pronghorn and antelope. The adventure can then lead to the wooded forests that are blanketed in beautiful heavy pines with aroma to fill your senses for the rest of the week!

Without a doubt Prescott is an amazing place to see and live. The Whiskey Off Road gives riders a chance to see its glory while on their steed (aka bike). I believe folks come from far and wide for this event in Prescott but I also believe some dream of living here daily. This amazing town isn’t just for those that pedal but also for those who paddle, hike, float, cast, walk, and just breathe.

Preskitt’s (Prescott’s) small town feel and generous folks are another reason why Preskitt is a desired place to live. There are activities for all ages and all levels of interest. Come to a Friday Art walk or a Bluegrass concert on the Courthouse lawn. Contact The Cody Anne Team for more information. We are excited to share this home town with you.