Prescott Historic Home Tour

Prescott Historic Home Tour

Don’t forget to check out Prescott’s Historic Home Tour happening from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, May 21.

“It’s very fun. They also have the Elks Opera Guild who make their own gowns and are at each home. The men dress in period clothing as well and walk around,” said a spokeswoman with the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s very elegant.”

The home tour will focus on the neighborhood encompassed by Park Avenue, Country Club Drive and Glendale Ave.

Tickets are $15. Discounted tickets can be pre-purchased at Klein Real Estate or tickets may be purchased from 9:30 AM. to 3 PM on May 21, at Lincoln School, 201 Park Ave, Prescott, AZ.

Most of the homes are occupied by residents who open their doors for the tour.

Funds raised will go toward the neighborhood’s Halloween celebration.

“They really celebrate Halloween in that neighborhood. They get pretty crowded,” the chamber spokeswoman said.

At least a dozen homes are expected to be on display including that of Barry Goldwater, a five-term United States Senator.

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