A Solid Win for Prescott students

A Solid Win for Prescott students

On November 4th, the celebration was clear.  A crowd gathered at Prescott Crush to await the turnout of the Prescott Unified School District bond and override election.  After months of hard work, they got what they wanted. It appeared that the Prescott community  listened! Moms, dads, grandparents, business owners and professional retired voters make up the positive cote to pass the bond and override, with 2-to-1 margin.

Anyone who voted that day would have felt a part of the Prescott community. An amazing group of volunteers refused to let the 2013 failure happen again. “They mobilized, formed a political action committee, recruited more help, made their voices heard through print, social media and public rallies. They knocked on doors, spoke at every conceivable gathering and wouldn’t let any falsehoods go without correcting them.” said Prescott’s Daily Courier Editor, Robin Layton.

There was no question what message was being sent to everyone who would listen – children first.

As a result, schools will be repaired, quality teachers will be hired and salaries of teachers can be raised.  As a member of the Prescott community, the CODY ANNE Team thanks you for voting, no matter which way you voted.

It’s all about making your voice heard.

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