Voting for the Prescott United School District

Voting for the Prescott United School District

While voter turnout was low in much of Yavapai County, Prescott voters turned up to have their voices heard this past Tuesday.

The Prescott Unified School District had over 50% of registered voters show up to vote for Tuesday’s election. According to unofficial results released Wednesday, voters cast 20,499 ballots which is more than 55% of the district’s 37,064 registered voters.

“We’re just thrilled that people are exercising their right to vote and having a voice,” Superintendent Joe Howard said. “Our retirement community supports our schools, or this would not have passed.”

The 55% voter participation this week was very similar to Prescott’s city election which had 57% voter turnout and was slightly higher than the November 2013 school district vote which had 53% voter turnout.

According to unofficial results, the outcome of the elections remained unchanged, with 68% support among PUSD voters for the district’s $15 million bond, 63% support for the 4.66% budget override, 81% support for the sale or lease of Miller Valley Elementary School and 71% support for the sale or lease of Washington School. For more information on what these bonds and overrides mean for the students of the Prescott Unified School District, see this article from the Daily Courier.

Written by reporter Les Bowen on Twitter @NewsyLesBowen.